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 Staffing Needed!

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PostSubject: Staffing Needed!   Tue Dec 02, 2008 5:57 pm

Well, with all the things that is going to be included in Future Magentas, I am going to be needing help.

My plan is to have Magentas run for another few weeks before settling down and having staff take over some duties. This month run is going to show me which members have the initiative and dedication as I do to help bring this site back to it's feet.

So far the only members who have showed any dedication in the couple weeks of Magentas, is ActingisLife007 and dtnb.

Part of helping Magentas grow, is the best form of advertisement. Word of Mouth.

If anyone of you out there know anyone interested in just chatting online, posting info if wanted, anything of that nature. Magentas wants to "adopt" them.

Please help Magentas grow. Old magentas did 12,000 posts with just 35 members.
My goal is to hit 20,000 posts with at least 60 members by end of 2009.

Please Help.

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Staffing Needed!
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